Book Review | Brighton Rock by Graham Greene

I read Brighton Rock because I loved The Quiet American so much – in fact, I may get a line from it tattooed on my body! That’s a lot of love, y’all. Unfortunately, this book didn’t quite capture me the way my first run-in with Graham Greene did. The story began with a death and then followed […]

Book Review | The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I feel like enough people have read The Girl on the Train that I could reasonably spoil it but I also feel like I’m a pretty nice person so I won’t. You’re welcome! Essentially, this book is about an alcoholic woman who can’t piece together her life. Due to a series of confusing situations and conflicting […]

Book Review | Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

Wow, Anne Tyler, what happened to you? Vinegar Girl is the fourth book I’ve read by this Pulitzer Prize-winning author and god damn was it not up to snuff. Not that I’ve loved all of her other books. I only gave two stars to Breathing Lessons, the book she won the Pulitzer for, though The Accidental Tourist earned five from […]

Book Review | In This Our Life by Ellen Glasgow

In This Our Life is one of the last Pulitzers I had left to read. It’s taken me this long because the book is out of print and there aren’t a ton of copies available. Really, this is not surprising given how utterly boring the book is. There’s both a lot going on in the […]