Review | Then Again by Diane Keaton

I received Diane Keaton’s autobiography, Then Again, as a birthday gift. I’m grateful that I did, because if I hadn’t I likely would never have picked up this fascinating, honest, and sometimes (endearingly) depressing book. After her mother’s death, Diane Keaton ran across dozens and dozens of journals her mother had kept. They’re all packed full […]

Book Review | The Discomfort Zone by Jonathan Franzen

What the hell, Franzen. I love your fiction! Strong Motion was fantastic. The Twenty-Seventh City is one of the best first novels I’ve ever read. When I got done reading The Corrections I missed the characters for months. Actively missed them! But your non-fiction? God damn, I hate it. I read How to Be Alone (his collection of essays) years […]

Book Review | Uncompromised: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of an Arab American Patriot in the CIA

I was not familiar with Nada Prouty’s story prior to receiving Uncompromised from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program and I’m not sure I can say I’m particularly glad to know it now. Mostly it was just completely disgusting and made me embarrassed for my country and what was done to her. Nada was born in […]

Review | American Gangbang: A Love Story by Sam Benjamin

This post originally ran back in 2011 and is by far the most “popular” review I’ve ever written. In the next few months I’ll be going back and reposting some of my best-of reviews from years and years ago. As you can likely imagine, almost all of my most viewed reviews are 1-star reviews. * […]

Book Review | Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity by Katherine Boo

Behind the Beautiful Forevers is a creative non-fiction book written by Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Katherine Boo. She spent three years living amongst some of the world’s most forgotten people in a Mumbai slum. This book is a novelized version of the things she saw and experienced. The stories she told were haunting, and more […]

Book Review | Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me: A Memoir. . . of Sorts by Ian Morgan Cron

Books like Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me: A Memoir. . . of Sorts are the reason I love the Good Reads First Reads program so much. It’s unlikely I would have picked this up if I hadn’t received my free copy but it ended up being a surprisingly touching book. The synopsis at […]