Movie Recap for January 2018

Here we go again! Thanks to Movie Pass I was able to get to 8 movies in January, no big deal! Once again, here they are, in order of excellence.

  1. The Shape of Water. I can’t stop thinking about this movie. IT WAS SO GOOD. Like, magical good. Like, I will likely see it a good half a dozen times in the theater. It was moody and beautiful and sort of cartoony in this strange way, and funny and sweet and just heartbreaking. The movie ended and I just sat in the theater listening to the beautiful music of the closing credits and watching water bubbles burst behind them. I just didn’t want to leave the happy little cocoon it wrapped me up into. I can’t imagine seeing a movie this year that’s better than this one. I need some more time to consider it, but I think this may indeed now be my favorite movie of all time. GO SEE IT. 
  2. I, Tonya. This movie was extremely excellent in that it was funny and also informative. Plus, Allison Janney was fantastic as always. I imagine it’s very difficult to tell a real-life story with so many different versions of what was true. The filmmakers used some very unique techniques to showcase all sides and it was just delightful. I do want to warn people that there were some extreme domestic violence scenes. If that’s something that would be hard for you to watch, then I recommend skipping this one.
  3. The Post. Was this a big ole Oscar-worthy movie? Sure was! That said, I don’t think it’s a transcending film. As in, if you’re not interested in a very serious movie in which you learn a lot about The Washington Post‘s history, the Pentagon Papers, and a little bit about many of the players in Watergate, then you won’t like this film. For mild history buffs like myself, it was extremely good and all performances were excellent, most particularly Meryl Streep, as usual.
  4. The Breadwinner. I’m not usually a huge fan of animated movies but when they’re as good as this one, I guess I have to make an exception. It was a beautiful movie, mesmerizing even, though so incredibly sad that I felt guilty for loving the visuals so much.The_Breadwinner_(film)_poster.jpg
  5. The Commuter. Anyone who’s ever taken public transportation on a regular basis knows it’s already terrifying, but this movie takes it up a notch. This movie was very good at what it was – a movie about a guy on a commuter train who was being tasked to find a person to kill. If he didn’t do that, then his family would die. It wasn’t emotionally complex and though there was a twist at the end, it wasn’t hard to guess it. That said, it kept my eyes glued to the screen, except for the times that I was covering up my eyes yelling, “MY DUDE, MY DUDE, OMG, GET OUT OF THERE, MY DUDE!”
  6. The Greatest Showman. Great fun and super beautiful. Loved the music. Loved the story. I’ve read numerous books about Barnum and this one was very kind to him. I was glad of that, since the guy was a little horrid and this movie was advertised as a fun, rollicking good time. It was that.
  7. Pitch Perfect 3. Hey good news! Even if you’ve never seen the first two films, this complexities of these ladies jumping / singing / dancing / making lewd jokes won’t be lost on you! I found this movie pretty fun and it made me laugh quite a bit. Obviously it’s not film at its best, but it’s not supposed to be. I was actually kind of surprised / confused about some of the jokes in this movie. What is the target demographic? I think it was a movie for middle-school and up but damn, there’s some serious adult stuff going on here. Which, thankfully, is fine by me!
  8. Proud Mary. Wow was this a terrible movie. The plot was predicable and dumb, the acting was awful, the pacing was terrible, there was no emotion at all – even the cinematography was terrible, which is a thing I don’t think I’ve ever noticed in a movie before. I didn’t go into this film expecting a thinker – in fact, I went to it specifically because I was having a hard day and wanted a shot-em-up, fast-paced movie. This was not that. I am shocked it has 30% on Rotten Tomatoes.

And that’s a wrap on January!

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