Review | My Lit Box | August 2017 | What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons

I’ve already written about the book included in My Lit Box’s August box. Today I’ll cover the box itself.

My Lit Box sends out a newly released book by an author of color on a monthly basis. Subscribers can choose to receive just the book for $17.00 or the full box plan for $25.00 which includes one or two quality bookish items. I got the full box because I love items! You can see my previous My Lit Box reviews here.

study-pencil-case-blue-q.jpgIn addition to the amazing book they sent, subscribers also got an awesome pencil pouch from Blue Q. I’ve just started getting into bullet journaling within the last month, which means I’ve bought a ridiculous number of pens. I was just telling Sam that I needed to pick up something to hold my favorites at the ready, and here it is! The curator notes that the flower design was chosen due to the symbolic symbols of flowers in funeral traditions.

It’s also worth noting that this pencil case is made from 95% recycled materials. That’s a plus, yes?

Next up is a card from Obvious State that features a quote from Jorge Luis Borges. This is a beautiful card on high-quality paper stock. I already know who I’m going to send it to.

Book Card

The last item is a candle from Pontie Wax in a Lavender Chamomile scent. The picture I’m including is from their website because unfortunately mine is not very photogenic – it melted into a quite a mess by the time it got here. The scent is as advertised and is very strong when the candle is open. Thankfully, unlike some other fragranced items I’ve gotten in boxes, it didn’t take hold of everything else in the box.

Pontie Wax

I think the curation this month was as good as ever. I love that the candle is hand poured by a small company in Brooklyn – I just wish it hadn’t melted before it got to me. The book was a great choice but I’ve read it. As it turns out, it was in Biltberry too, so that’s three subscription boxes that included in this month! Hopefully that will tell you just how good it is. Buy it!


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