July Reading Times Recap

Whew, July was such a busy month and August is going to be even busier. And then classes start again! There are some really great things about being a 37 year old in college, but some terrible things too. Like, the fact that I work full time and have a house to keep up and a partner to support and blah blah. I am of course also excited for class to start. Ying, yang, etc. But! Books! Let’s talk books!

Books read in July – 14

I read more books in July than I did in June. This is due in part to the 24in48 marathon, during which I finished four. The books I read this month are:

  1. The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold
  2. Respect the Jux by Frank C. Matthews
  3. The Caretaker by A. X. Ahmed
  4. The Paris Review 198
  5. Raising Wrecker by Summer Wood
  6. Black Moses by Alain Mabanckou
  7. Don’t I Know You? by Marmi Jackson
  8. The Stationmaster by Jiro Asada
  9. Universal Harvester by John Darnielle
  10. The Nix by Nathan Hill
  11. The Gurugu Pledge by Juan Thomas Avila Laurel
  12. Hunger by Roxane Gay
  13. Worlds From the Word’s Ends by Joanna Walsh
  14. Goodnight, Beautiful Women by Anna Noyes

Books written by women: 6/14

Books written by authors of color: 6/14

I loved so many of them this month, especially The Nix and Hunger. Both will likely make it to my best-of post at the end of the year.

What I’m reading now and what’s coming up in August

I’m currently reading The Fall of Rome: A Novel by Martha Southgate, which is A+ fantastic and comes to me from Blue Spider’s Attick, and Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Lynn Crosbie, which is, um, about a girl in a coma who’s having a relationship with Kurt Cobain? But I mean, he’s dead, but not in her relationship — but also he is? It’s a very strange book and I think I like it? I’ve got an egalley of it from Net Galley.

I have A LOT of posts to write. You’ll notice that many of the books listed don’t have links – that’s because I’ve been slow writing reviews. Boo, hiss!

On a personal note


My partner and I took a little trip to Chicago over the weekend to wish my nephews happy birthdays. We were gone less than 24 hours, ten of which were spent driving. So, it was fun, but a whirlwind! As I mentioned above, I’ll be starting classes at the end of the month. I’m taking Black Culture & Experience and . . . I can’t remember the second class. Some sort of literature class.

That’s it for this month – thanks for reading y’all!

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