The Unique Blogger Award (Don’t Worry, I Didn’t Tag You)

A person on the internet nominated me for one of these things that go around that say they’re awards but actually no one won an award? There are a bunch of rules and I’m supposed to tag people but I don’t wanna. In fact, I’m not even going to tell you the very-hard-to-guess rules and am just going to get to the part where I answer the questions I was asked.

1. Who are you, besides an avid bibliophile?

I live in Iowa City and have worked as a freelance copywriter for a decade. I currently take creative writing classes at the University of Iowa, where I am that old in the corner that all the youngin’s ignore. I have a partner who is a chef at a local restaurant and is hugely, incredibly talented. We have two cats (Dry Bones and Gristle) and like to do the normal things people do, like watch Netflix (and yes, chill, hush) and go out to eat and hang out at our farmer’s market and go to the indie theater and stretch out on their couches until someone comes along and tells us to get our dirty feet off the furniture.

Also, I am terrified of tornadoes. Iowa may not have been the best place for me to settle down.

2. Briefly describe your recipe for the ideal life (question open for interpretation).

I mean, I’m pretty much living it. I was just thinking earlier today about how nutso it is that we have access to so many TV shows and movies. I remember living in San Diego in 2001 in this tiny studio apartment where I had no internet and no TV stations. I worked a corporate job at the time and on Fridays after work I’d go to the local video store. They had a deal on renting five movies at a time, so I’d do that and then spend the weekend smoking pot (I lived in California, it was practically mandated by law) and watching said movies. When I got through them, I’d start them over again. If you’d told me then that 16 years later I’d have a box I hooked up to a TV that gave me instant access to thousands and thousands of options I would have, well, it’s cool, you know?

So! Yes, ideal life – I was lying in bed, taking a break from this weirdo indie film that was giving me the feels, reading a book I really love, and there were lights blinking above my head and I was just like, “OH MY GOD MY LIFE IS SO GREAT. I HAVE ALL THE MOVIES AND ALL THE BOOKS AND A PARTNER WHO IS THE KINDEST, FUNNIEST, BEST PERSON I KNOW, AND A JOB I LOVE THAT GIVES ME TOTAL FLEXIBILITY TO TRAVEL AND AHHH!” so apparently that is my recipe.
3. Who is your favorite author of 2017 and why?

Roxane Gay, no doubt. I read Bad Feminist and though I liked it, I wasn’t as taken with it as others were. I was a little confused about how I’d missed this boat that others loved so much. Then I read Difficult Women and I started to understand that badass, unique, raw boat. Then I moved on to Hunger: A Memoir of My Body and I just about lost my mind. Review of that book coming up this week! Or maybe next. Let’s count on next.

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