Review | My Lit Box | July 2017 | Hunger by Roxane Gay

My Lit Box sends out a newly released book by an author of color on a monthly basis. Subscribers can choose to receive just the book for $17.00 or the full box plan for $25.00 which includes one or two quality bookish items. I got the full box because I love items! You can see my previous My Lit Box reviews here.

Hunger book coverJuly’s box is a little different for me because I was actually in the middle of reading Hunger when the box showed up. That said, I’ve been “in the middle of reading it” for, oh, a few months now. I was approved for an advanced reader’s copy and have had such a hard time getting through it. Not because it’s bad! But because it is such an emotionally raw, powerful book that it destroys me every time I sit down to read it. I’ve found that reading it chapter by chapter, a little bit every day, is the way this book needs to be absorbed by me.

In case you don’t know, the book is a memoir Roxane Gay wrote about her body. It pulls no punches and is very vivid in its descriptions of what it’s like to live in a large body. How people treat you, how you feel about yourself, how you think about the world, etc. As a fellow large-bodied person, I can say that there are things in here that I had never heard another person say before. Powerful, powerful, powerful – I can’t say it enough.

The box also came with some goodies, as usual, and they were perfectly paired with the book and each other, as usual.

Non Fiction BookmarkFirst up is this bookmark that says very simply “NON-FICTION” from Paisley Dog Press. The curator noted that she picked this because it has clean lines and because it’s bold. She also noted that she hasn’t sent a bookmark lately. I appreciate that, because almost every box I get includes a bookmark every month. I need them, because even though I have to have at least 100 hidden around our old farm house, I never have one when I need it. In fact, one of the books I’m currently reading is being bookmarked by a “Frequent Customer” punch card from my local handmade truffle company.

So, yes, I don’t mind that most boxes come with a bookmark. I do mind when they include a fairly generic bookmark and then use it as like 25% of the supposed value of the box. I appreciate that this curator only includes them every few boxes and is very thoughtful about the ones she’s including.

You're Worth It PencilsNext up are these pencils from Could You Please that say “You’re Worth It.” The curator has included pencils from this company before. The last ones said, “One Day at a Time” and I use them regularly. The company that makes these specializes in recovery / survival themed items. I am both surviving (apologies if you were excited to be talking to an undead / dead person) and recovering from alcoholism so I appreciate these pencils muchly!

I also found the previous set to be very well made. I love wooden pencils but I find that a lot of them have lead that breaks very easily and others are hard to sharpen without having the lead break off inside my sharpener. I had none of those issues with these pencils.

I'm Lovable journalThe final goodie is this I’m Lovable journal from Knock Knock. Each entry has a quote on the left hand page and then a space to journal on the right hand side. The quotes are actually really good – some of them are funny but none of them are the cliche sort of eye-roll-inducing quotes you often find in books like these.

On the journaling side, there’s a space to put the date, lines to fill out why you’re lovable on that given day, and then at the bottom four boxes, each one with a different amount of lovable. You’re to check the box that corresponds with how lovable you feel on any given day.

This is a great addition and I’m hoping I make it a part of my routine. If not daily, then at least on those days when I’ve feeling particular unlovable. I do write gratitude lists pretty regularly, and they can be a big help when I’m in a funk. Hopefully this can be similarly helpful.

So there you go! Another A+ box from this A+ curator.


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