Book Review | Brilliant Books June 2017 Pick | How to Start a Fire and Why by Jesse Bell

Brilliant Books, touted as “your long distance local bookstore,” is similar to Just the Right Book! You fill out a form, a real-life person picks out a book, and then they send it to you. I paid $185.00 for one year of paperback books, though there are other options. While you’re here, why not check out my previous Brilliant Books reviews?

This one was a little different because they sent me some questions via snail mail (how exciting!) and then had me return said questions via snail mail (with a postage paid envelope) so getting started took a little longer than the others. However, once the bookseller got my card back I got a lovely email that let me know that if anything wasn’t to my liking that I could send it back.

howSo, this one was a little unfortunate for me because I’ve already read and reviewed this month’s book: How to Start a Fire and Why by Jesse Bell. Go ahead and read my review if you’d like. It’s a very good book and was a good pick. It just happened that I read it a long time before it came out.

Their policy is supposedly that I can contact them if I don’t like something and they’ll take it back and send me a new book. I’m not the type of person who likes to return things and this feels especially shitty because there’s an inherent risk in signing up for a subscription like this – plus I read over 120 books a year, many of which are contemporary, so it doesn’t seem like it’s their fault that I’ve read this already. None the less, they offer to take books back and if I’m reviewing the experience of these boxes, it seems worthwhile to let y’all know how they react to things like this.

So! Read my review and wait with bated breath for a review of the return experience.


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