Review | June Blue Spider’s Attic Book Subscription Box

The curator describes Blue Spider’s Attic as, “The magic of a used book store, delivered.” Except it’s actually even better because also, coffee! There are two different boxes available. First is The Attic Box by Blue Spider Press, which includes three second-hand books, a small package of coffee or tea, and several bookish items. This is just $21.99+ shipping if you buy a single box, though I paid $105.99+ shipping for a 6-month subscription, which is about $17.60 per month.

There’s also the Blue Spider’s Basic box, which comes with two books, a sample of coffee and tea, and no bookish extras. It starts at $13.99 per month, though it looks like there are discounts available for longer subscriptions.

No matter which box you choose, you fill out a few surveys about your likes. The forms I filled out included clarifying language that assured me I was not guaranteed the genres I selected. You can read my previous Blue Spider’s Attic reviews here.

Hey-o, another fun times box from Blue Spider’s Attic! I mentioned in my last review that I was really excited about reading the books in the May box. I’m just finishing them up today and should have them reviewed tomorrow but, spoiler alert, they were mostly great.

This month brought me some great books too and I’m happy to say that the curator broke their streak of not including books by people of color – two of the three were by AOC this month. Good showing, thank you!

Respect the Jux book cover.jpgThe first book is Respect the Jux by Frank C. Matthews. It is described on Amazon thusly:


In Jamaica . . . he learned the art of the “jux”: robbing people by studying their everyday movements. By the age of eight, Cat was shoplifting and purse-snatching. By ten, he had his first gun. At fifteen, he committed his first murder.


In New York City . . . he created The Order: a secret society of thieves who played by Cat’s rules. He taught his crew how to pull off the perfect jux. Made them swear on a bible and a bullet. Robbed dealers, pushers, thugs. And raked in millions. Then Cat was betrayed—by one of his own men.


In Miami . . . he set up a new operation. Bigger game, bigger stakes. The targets are prime—athletes, politicians, drug lords, celebrities—and the payoff is huge. But the party scene is as dangerous as the ladies are beautiful. Cat has to watch his back and remember the rules: Never trust a thief. Never get caught. And always . . .


A novel based on true events, written by a man who experienced it within two degrees of separation.

This is certainly something I wouldn’t have picked up on my own, which is exciting because this project has introduced me to so many great books I wouldn’t have picked out on my own!

the caretaker cover.jpgNext up was The Caretaker by A. X. Ahmad. The short description of this is as follows:

A gripping tale of hidden histories, political intrigue and dangerous attractions, A. X. Ahmad’s The Caretaker introduces a new hero for our times: an immigrant caught between two worlds and a man caught between two loves.

Gripping! Caught between two worlds! Sign me up.


raise wrecker novel cover.jpgThe third book is Raising Wrecker by Summer Wood. It’s described like this:

Wrecker is born in 1965 in flower-powered San Francisco. By his third birthday, his mother has landed in prison and he’s been taken by the state. So when an uncle claims the boy and brings him to a place called Bow Farm, Wrecker is scared and angry and quick to cause chaos. Here among the California redwoods, a clan of eccentrics will come together to raise one remarkable child, and feel themselves transformed. Charting two decades of an unconventional family, Raising Wrecker celebrates the highs and lows, joys and pains, of real and ragged love.

Oh goodness, a clan of eccentrics? Unconventional families? Right up my alley!

Now on to the goodies!

The theme this month is “Poseidon’s Posse.” As always, I got some coffee. It’s from Volunteer Coffee and the flavor is Butterscotch Toffee. It smells delightful! It’s pre-ground (it seems to vary with this subscription) which means I’ll have to wait to enjoy it until I use my Aero Press (I typically use a French Press, which requires coarsely ground coffee). I am loving trying all these different coffees each month!

Next up is The Enchanted Ocean coloring book and a set of mini colored pencils. This is a gorgeous coloring book! It’s got 46 prints in it and on the back of each is a quote about the sea. The mini colored pencils are made from this really cool wood and there are six colors – which is two more colors than I was expecting! I LOVE this addition. I haven’t jumped on the coloring book craze bandwagon yet but I’mma bout to!

Wooden bookmarkThen there’s my very favorite thing in the box, which is a Jacques Cousteau quote bookmark made from wood! It was designed by Blue Spider Press and printed by Cards of Wood. My camera is not cooperating at the moment so sadly I can’t take a picture of the actual bookmark, but I’ll post a picture of the bookmarks this company produces for reference.

The one included in our box has a big olde sea monster with, um, Poseidon on it? I’m guessing it’s Poseidon based on the name of the box. Then there’s a quote from Jacques Cousteau: “The sea, once it casts it spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” I have never seen a wooden bookmark before but I love it dearly.

The final item will be a huge hit for coconut lovers, I’m sure: Mermaid’s Kiss lip balm created by From the Page. I am the opposite of a coconut lover and this is very much a coconut flavored item so it wasn’t a hit for me but it appears to be a well made product. The ingredients are Coconut oil, Flavor oil, Avocado oil, Candellila Wax, and Sweet almond oil.

I can’t speak to the books themselves quite yet but for sure this was my favorite box so far just looking at the bookish goodies.


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