May Reading Times Recap

Y’all, it’s bunny bunny day! If you don’t know that means it’s okay – there are apparently only like seven people in the world who know what it means, though I thought it was an internationally celebrated holiday until I was in my mid-20s.

So, happy bunny bunny day, exciting times, let’s talk books! I’m doing something new and recapping my month because I like reading other people’s recaps and to you all I am “other people.” You’re welcome!

Books read in May

I finished 13 books in May, which is less than my average for the year but I’m happy enough with it – especially when I consider that I had two major finals in May. The books I read include:

  1. The Miniature Wife and Other Stories by Manuel Gonzalez
  2. Family Lexicon by Natalia Ginzburg
  3. The Artist’s Daughter by Alexandra Kuykendall (DNF’ed after about 100 pages)
  4. Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
  5. Schroeder by Amity Gaige
  6. The Patriots by Sana Krasikov (no review because this wasn’t part of my project)
  7. Not One Day by Anne Garreta
  8. The Company You Keep by Neil Gordon
  9. No One is Coming to Save Us by Stephanie Powell Watts
  10. Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner
  11. Gutshot by Amelia Gray
  12. Borne by Jeff VanderMeer
  13. The Blue Fox by Sjon

Books written by women: 8/13

Books written by authors of color: 3/13 (bad job, subscription boxes!)

I liked a lot of those books but none of them stand out as favorites so there’s no favorite this month. As a person who likes to pick favorites, this distresses me.

What I’m reading now and what’s coming up in June

I’m reading The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri and it is so life-changingly good that I never want it to be over. I’m also reading The Excellent Lombards, which is my May book from Brilliant BooksLes Miserables, which is the book I’m reading via the Serial Reader app and won’t be done with until the end of the year, Universal Harvester by John Darnielle, which is my bathroom book (you’re welcome), and Hunger by Roxane Gay, which is my ARC-on-my-Kindle book, which I only get to read at night after my partner has gone to bed.

In June I also hope to write a post with links to my latest articles for Book Riot and I need to review the June box for My Lit Box (they were very ahead of schedule this month, I guess!) but other than that am updated on books I’ve read / boxes that have come in.

My TBR for subscription boxes is nine books long but the June boxes are on their way so it’s about to get a lot longer. Luckily this should be a pretty chill month for me and I should be able to do some serious reading.

On a personal note

In May, my partner and I celebrated our two year anniversary by taking a trip to Chicago and eating all the food. We also got our garden planted and have started harvesting our strawberries. I can’t wait for garden-fresh tomatoes!

Not-so-good things include cowering alone in my basement, hiding in a shower that’s never used under a blanket, clutching my cat and waiting out a tornado warning, getting a B- in a class (though it was a science class and I’m a dum dum at science so it’s also sort of a win?), and, on a very sad note, my 17-year-old niece was killed in a car accident and my nephew (her brother) bought her the alcohol that may have played a role in said accident and was so riddled with guilt that he took his own life a few weeks later. Hard times for my family but I’m trying to concrete on the positive in my life and appreciate those who are with us today.


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