It’s almost Dewey’s Readathon Time!

Hey, internet friends! I am bursting with excitement over here because it just days away from one of my favorite activities of the year – The Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon! I’m participated in at least one of the two 24-hour readathons run by this site every year since 2012 and I’m excited to take part once again – can you tell!

This year I won’t be posting about it on this blog – except perhaps a recap in the following days – but if you want to follow along, you can follow me on Twitter. My Twitter is currently pretty boring because the only people that follow me are robots (and not the fun times) and like my grandma (not really, she’s dead) and it’s weird / hard to Tweet out into the ether when no one is paying attention.

So! You’ll follow me and then I’ll be way more interesting! How exciting!

One thought on “It’s almost Dewey’s Readathon Time!

  1. I’m glad I wasnt a big payday fan anyway. Here’s a fun lil story for you. I once heard a story about a lady who had this nasty odor coming from her vaj and couldnt figure out what it was and nothing was helping. Since the docs couldnt figure it out either, they had to go into sunegry.Turrs out there was some old condom that had gotten pushed up into her business and had been there so long, it was rotting.

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