Review | My Lit Box | April 2017

My Lit Box sends out a newly released book by an author of color on a monthly basis. Subscribers can choose to receive just the book for $17.00 or the full box plan for $25.00 which includes one or two quality bookish items. I got the full box because I love items! You can see my previous My Lit Box reviews here.

exit west mohsin hamid coverThe theme this month was “letting go” and the book chosen was Exit West by Mohsin Hamid. I’ve been looking forward to this book and was super stoked to see it included. Though I haven’t read Hamid’s work, I am familiar with his previous book, The Reluctant Fundamentalistwhich got excellent reviews and was shortlisted for the Man Booker. I haven’t started this yet but will review it when I have.

door bookmarkThe first bookish item included was a cool beans bookmark by artist Maria Mazarou. I went to Rome over the new year and one of the things I was most taken by were the old, beautiful doors. Though the door on this bookmark is not from Italy, it brings back some nostalgic feelings for me none the less.

The next item was a bag of green bae tea from Ivy’s Tea Co. Though I’ve only been reading descriptions of Exit West out of the corner of my eye to avoid spoilers, I know enough to know that it is a harrowing and tragic story. I assumed that the tea was included to remind us all that even in the worst of times, any little act of self-care we can take for ourselves is important. The curator actually included it because the topics in this book made her appreciate the little things – like having a cup of tea.


green bae tea

la pop art music tote bag languagesFinally, there was this tote rad bag with headphones made out of the word “music” in a variety of languages from LA Pop Art. I have a lot of canvas bags but this one is notable A) for being a stark black instead of the typical khaki color and B) for having some seriously strong double stitching. This is a bag that looks like it can stand up to some hardcore usage. Not exactly sure why that’s appealing to me since I’m not in the habit of hardcore grocery shopping or anything, but who knows – maybe it’ll come in handy!

So there you have it! Another great, thoughtfully curated box. I love My Lit Box so much and I just hope other people are subscribing so that it can keep going for a good long while.

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