Review | Brilliant Books | March 2017 | For a Little While: New and Selected Stories by Rick Bass

Brilliant Books, touted as “your long distance local bookstore,” is basically the same as Just the Right Book! You fill out a form, a real-life person picks out a book, and then they send it to you. I paid $185.00 for one year of paperback books, though there are other options.

This one was a little different because they sent me some questions via snail mail (how exciting!) and then had me return said questions via snail mail (with a postage paid envelope) so getting started took a little longer than the others. However, once the bookseller got my card back I got a lovely email that let me know that if anything wasn’t to my liking that I could send it back.

For a Little While by Rick Bass coverThis month they sent me For a Little While by Rick Bass. Apparently Rick Bass is some super-well-known short story writer? I have no idea how I hadn’t heard of him but it was certainly a pleasure to become acquainted!

I loved 100% of the stories in this short story collection. The book itself was over 475 pages long and many of the stories within it were 40+ pages. Though the themes of nature and land were common throughout many of the stories, they each contained very unique worlds and characters. This book literally left me breathless and I had to start a sauce over twice because I let it simmer on the stove too long because Bass had me so intensely interested in his stories. Twice!

Rating: 10/10 

Recommended for: Short story lovers, people who like books that are real good, nature lovers, folks who like to feel gut-punched by the last paragraph of a story, people who are either not making sauce or don’t mind burning it (possibly twice)

Does it pass the Bechdel–Wallace testSeveral of the stories did, yes.

Author of color / main character of color / female author / female main character: N / NA / N / NA

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