Review | The NYRB Book Club February 2017 | Like Death by Guy de Maupassant and translated by Richard Howard

One of the bookish subscription boxes I’ll be reviewing this year doesn’t actually involve a box, so I guess it’s just a bookish subscription. I’m talking about the New York Review Books Book Club.


The deal I signed up for included 12 books (one each month, you know) as well as a yearly subscription to The Paris Review (four copies in total). You can read my reviews of the books in my NYRB subscriptions so far and reviews of the Paris Review.

February’s book was Like Death by Guy de Maupassant and translated by Richard Howard. It was just so lovely and melancholy and enrapturing. It is a story of a painter in Paris, who is well known as one of the best portrait painters in the world, who takes on a married lover. As the book continues and both him and his lover age, there are some really interesting, and in turn horrifying, realizations about aging, becoming invisible as we age, and letting go not only of youth but of all the things it could buy.

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