Book Riot Recap | What I Was Up to While I Was Gone

Hemmelig-Rom-library-house-1.jpgAs you may and/or may not have noticed, I went away for about six months there. I was busy over at Book Riot though, so I thought I’d catch y’all up.

I wrote a piece about moving into a cabin in the middle of the woods with 2,500 books and no bathroom.

I was overjoyed about the Cubs winning the World Series and contemplated the literary goings-on of 1908, the last time they’d won.

I wrote about Harry Potter spells for your Android.

I wrote about something that’s important to me, incarcerated women telling their stories, and it was far and away the least popular post I’ve ever written for them, which bummed me out.

I rounded up 100 must-read books about starting over.

I begged the world to stop asking me what I read for fun.

I shared some of my favorite fiction about addiction.

vonnegut iowa city.jpgI literary-ily toured Iowa City.

And, easily the most popular thing I’ve ever written for Book Riot, I rounded up 100 must-read almost-prize-winning novels.

I’ve got a few new articles in the works but if y’all ever think of something you’d like to read about, I’m all ears. Or eyes, I guess, since I’m in the mood to be pedantic.

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