Self-Imposed Rules for My Year of Reviewing Books in Subscription Boxes

As I mentioned in a previous post, in 2017 I’ll only be reading books sent to me in subscription boxes. There are A LOT of bookish subscription boxes out there and I’m interested in diving in and reviewing not just the books themselves but the experiences each company creates for their readers. I’ll also be tracking various diversity-related things.

I’ve set up some rules for myself and it seems best to tell y’all about them so you can hold my feet over the fire if I break them. I live in Iowa, it’s a small state, just ask for the girl with the red typewriter that doesn’t have a working “period” key and they’ll know who I am.

So! Rules and things! We love rules! And things!

  1. I did not sign up for any subscription boxes that let me choose from several books each month (like Book of the Month). I really just wanted to sit back and see what these folks want to give me so I didn’t want to have anything to do with the choosing on a monthly basis. Also, picking my own books would have thrown off the diversity-related things.
  2. I did not sign up for any boxes that send exclusively YA or science fiction books. I certainly have nothing against either, but they’re not my jam. So far I’ve already gotten a few science fiction books and I’m stoked to give them a shot, but I didn’t want boxes and boxes of them.
  3. As of 1/17/17, I’m signed up for nine subscription boxes. Some are monthly and some are quarterly. Some send a single book and a few send two – four books. If my Excel sheet is correct (and it is!) then it should average out to about ten books a month. I can read that many but I can’t commit to reading more. If one or more of these boxes fold before the year is up (which is likely) then I will replace them with a new box. So, if there’s something in particular you want me to review, let me know and it may make it to the list at some point.
  4. This is supposed to fun and interesting! If I start whining, book your ticket to Iowa and get that fire lit.
  5. Boxes with a single book will not be reviewed until after I’ve read the book. There will be a single review that covers both the contents of the box and my thoughts on the book.
  6. Boxes with several books will be reviewed on their own before I’ve read the books. The books will be reviewed when they’re finished and will be linked to the review of the box.
  7. I’ll be using a ten-point rating scale. I will try to take into account not just how I feel about the book but what it was trying to accomplish. For example, it’s rare that Science Fiction tickles my tickle bone, so if I can recognize that a book would be lovely if I were into that genre, I will take that into account and won’t rate the book solely on my personal feelings about the book.

So that’s it! This will be a sticky post and as the months go on I’ll update with lists of reviews from each box.


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