New Plan for This Blog

Wow, book dorks, it’s been awhile, yeah? Four months is a long time for me to go without talkin’ about books over here but I’ve been over at Book Riot gabbing on, so there’s that.

Sam and I are about to take off on an exciting trip to Paris and Rome, in celebration of his graduation from culinary school. We’ll be back in the middle of January and that’s when I’ll start taking this blog in a new direction.

In 2017 I will be reading only books from book subscription boxes. This blog will consist of reviews of book subscription boxes and the books in them. I will also be tallying up some key factors about each book and at the end of the year we’ll have what I hope will be an interesting run down that will give us good news about trends toward diversity, yes? I’m being optimistic over here.

I’ve already subscribed to a half dozen or so box subscription boxes but if y’all want to see a review of a specific book subscription box, let me know and I’ll get after it!

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