The Good House by Ann Leary

good.jpgHildy Good, the protagonist in The Good House, is an fake recovery. Once she was in real recovery – when her children sent her off to rehab she took it seriously for a while. Then she decided she could have a glass of wine once in a while if she wanted. Who would it hurt? Then she moved on to drinking half a bottle. Then a bottle. Then she started waking up on the floor of her cellar surrounded by empty bottles of wine and with no memory of what she’d done the night before.

It’s a frustrating, somewhat heartbreaking story, but there’s plenty of humor and very real characters, flaws and all. And oh boy are they flawed! There’s the ex-husband who’s come out as gay, the kids who don’t trust their mother to hold their own children, and the ex-boyfriend turned current-love-interest. Or did he? It’s a confusing situation, as we’re only privy to the memories of Hildy, and her blackout memories aren’t great.

Overall I was wrapped up in this story and, as a recovering alcoholic, could relate very much to Hildy’s total denial, even as her life goes spiraling way out of control and she begins to realize she may have done something really, truly terrible.

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