Book Review | The Time it Never Rained by Elmer Kelton

I have this pretty sweet situation going on where, for the last year, my boyfriend has only read books I’ve recommended to him. So a few to four times a month, I get to force feed my favorite books to a willing participant who will then talk to me daily about how the reading is going and it is GLORIOUS.

Except, then there came a point when he wanted me to read something he recommended and though I’d love to tell you I was game immediately, my first response was something closer to, “Ew, gross.” Not because I hate recommendations – I love them, actually – but because before we met he was pretty much exclusively a reader of westerns.

I also don’t hate westerns, in fact I loved, loved Lonesome Dove when I was reading all the Pulitzer Prize-winning fiction books and then decided that clearly meant I loved westerns in general and then read a bunch of westerns, some of which were great.

So! I don’t really know what my resistance was but I’m glad to report I got over it and even more glad / gladder to report that I fucking loved The Time it Never Rained! I’ll admit that the first 30ish pages were a big of a slog and I was convinced there were too many characters but once it really got rolling I super loved it. I loved the story and I loved the main character and I loved the fact that the author brought up some pretty awesome / complicated arguments about things I don’t usually see addressed in westerns, like immigration and illegal immigrants, etc. I even wrote about this book on the monthly Book Riot recap of our favorite books of the month. Though, that was before I finished Homegoing, which would have beat any and all books in the whole world because it’s amazing. But y’all will have to wait a few weeks to hear all about that.

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