Book Review | The Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames

Y’all, I’ve been disappeared for a couple of weeks but I’ve been reading like a person who gets paid to read for a living (oh, right, I do!) so you’ve got oodles of reviews coming your way. Sam and I also totally went nutso on our garden and it went from an overgrown weed-infested beautiful place to a trim, neat beautiful place with a fire pit and tidy plants! It’s lovely. I may post pictures. They’re kind of boring. Iowa, you know. Anyway! Books!



The Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames.

As far as graphic novels about alcoholics go, this was pretty solid. Though it’s billed as fictional, from what I understand about Mr. Ames I’m pretty sure this is pretty solidly a memoir. The protagonist, who goes by the name of Jonathan Ames, no relation, I’m sure, starts drinking heavily at the young age of 15. He make a series of alcoholic decisions, each with more and more dramatic consequences, and gets sober at a relatively young age. After many years of sobriety he decides to pick up the bottle again. Surprise! It’s not any different than it was when he was drinking the first time. I loved the art in this book and the pacing and really just most of it. I wasn’t super touched or moved by it, despite some pretty significant losses the character went through, but overall it was a solid graphic novel/memoir.

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