Book Review | We Could Be Beautiful by Swan Huntley

we-could-be-beautiful-novel-by-swan-huntley-0385540604.jpgI’m not generally a huge fan of “psychological thrillers” because, in my experience, the twists and turns tend to be pretty obvious from pretty far off. That was not the case with We Could Be Beautiful. Sure, it was pretty clear pretty early that the fiance of Catherine West, the rich, spoiled protagonist, had something seriously sinister going on, but the way it all come together was surprising, interesting, and genuinely good.

I liked the writing in this book and I appreciated that it proved that I am in fact capable of liking a book even when I dislike most or all of the characters. I mean, with the exception of the housekeeper who seemed to exist only to prove that the author knew how terrible and exhausting the rest of the characters were, everyone in this book was incapable of looking at anything from the point of view of anyone else and seemed incapable of any type of empathy or other normal human emotions.

This was a fast-paced book that was indeed thrilling, in a psychological way, and I enjoyed it immensely. Also, I received a free egalley of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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