Review | LitKit June 2016 + An Article About My Shelving Habits

Yay! It’s LitKit time! But before we get to that, let me tell you about my latest article for Book Riot in which I lament the difficulty of moving in with Sam and combining our books. I’ve always had very organized bookshelves but the nature of our combined beast makes this impossible. So go read Blending Bookshelves: My Quest to Embrace Chaos and learn all about it!

Now! LitKit! Which is a subscription box that sends me things involving experimental literature and also things to make things and it’s just generally very exciting. You can read all my LitKit reviews here. Was it amazing this month? You bet your ass it was! Let’s get right to it.

This month’s theme was a summer road trip. Boom blast, let’s take off! As always, they sent their lovely greetings with very heartfelt explanations of why everything in the box matters to them and why they included it.


The reverse side has some writing prompts. My favorite this month is A LETTER FROM A STONE, which I just may write on July 1st! Hold your breath, y’all.


This month included two books. The New American Road Trip Mixtape by Brendan Leonard. LitKit says they hope I find his “approach to heartbreak and life on the road as poignant and endearing as we do.” Me too, LitKit! Me too. As always, I’ll be reviewing these books once I get to them.


The second book is Mostly True: The West’s Most Popular Hobo Graffiti Magazine by Bill Daniel, which apparently “details in hilarious interviews and fascinating photos the lives and drawings of men and women who have long ridden the rails of this country in search of a nearly-forgotten brand of freedom.” Sounds excellent, thanks LitKit!

They also sent a bunch of postcards, two of which are enormous! Plus a “hobo marker” that they are very clear they are NOT encouraging me to engage in graffiti with but also, side note, totally unrelated, it’s made specifically for graffiti. Got it, LitKit! 😉


And that’s it! Fun stuff, good books, LitKit remains my favorite bookish subscription box and I wish everyone I know would subscribe so they could continue sending me bookish things for years and years to come.

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