Subscription Box Review | LitKit May 2016

I don’t know what LitKit‘s problem is but they keep making me love them more and more. Stop it! I’m not used to being a fan girl! This month, in addition to the fantastic things they sent me in my box, under separate cover I also got a hand-written letter from Michael at LitKit! Granted, I sent a typed letter myself first when I was participating in #write_on and was sending a letter a day, but I was not expecting a response and if I had been expecting a response I wouldn’t have expected such a charming, personal one! It was so lovely and I loved it! On account of how lovely it was, see?

Now, the box! This box was my favorite, though all the LitKit boxes are my favorite because they’re amazing. This one in particular though. . . I mean, look at this, I made a tiny book of sugar packets! And I wrote adorable messages to Sam and then hid it in his box of sugar cubes! Thanks for helping me be adorable, LitKit!

LitKit sent me this Sugar Book kit from Leaf Cutter Designs.

The actual purpose of it is to stick it in a sugar container thing at a coffee shop / diner / place that has sugar container things. I think it’s a really clever idea and a great way to spread a little sweetness in the world but I loved mine too much and it happened that I made it on a day Sam worked 14 hours so I had it waiting for him as a bookmark in The Handmaid’s Tale so he’d find it when he came home to take his nightly poop. And he did! Then this morning he wrote me an adorable note and taped it to my frozen burrito so I’d see it when I went to make breakfast. We are obnoxiously sweet to one another, it’s true.

They also sent this adorable mug with two little spoons, which fit in that hole there, and then I took the hipster-est picture I could possible take of it.


Wait, I guess it needs a filter for proper hipsterness, yes? Like vintage or one of those ones that make it looks like it’s melting? I’ll work on that.

And of course we need something to drink out of the adorable mug with two little spoons: Novel Teas!


I got some of these in some other subscription box at some point and I think they’re great. I don’t drink tea but I gave the last ones I got as a Christmas gift and it was well received. Maybe one of these days I’ll make a friend who drinks tea and then they’ll come visit me and I’ll say, “Would you like some tea?” and they’ll say, “Why yes, thank you!” and then I’ll serve them Novel Teas and they’ll think I’m great! This all sounds so lovely.

But wait! What are we going to read while drinking coffee / tea out of this adorable mug with two little spoons? Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys, apparently! I don’t know a thing about this book and I am very deliberately avoiding reading the synopsis because I’ll be reading this book soon enough but you can count on me to review it thoroughly when I’m done. Exciting! Though I can tell you that it’s ranked #1 on Amazon in the “Teen & Young Adult Prejudice & Racism Fiction,” which is, um, oddly specific? But sounds interesting.

Finally, there were a couple of “eccentric postcards” from Argonaut. I’m super in love with this one that has a dog all passed out on a kitchen floor.


I thought it was a pig at first and loved it just a little bit more but the dog will do too, pig. These come to me at a great time because my postcard collection was significantly depleted during that whole #write_on month I referenced above.

So yes! LitKit, y’all are amazing, once again! This is easily the best bookish subscription box I’ve subscribed to and I wish everyone would subscribe to them so we can be sure they’ll continue sending me fun things in the mail for years to come!

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