Bookish Do-Gooders Can Do Gooder – With Books!

Y’all wanna hear something totally nuts? I wrote a thing for Book Riot and then they put it on the internet! I’m famous! Not really! But it is probably the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me.

When they sent out a call for contributors, I wrote a few things and sent them to them with zero confidence that I’d get it so when I got the, “Sure, you’re all right, we’ll publish you,” email I was on a lunch date with Sam at this sushi restaurant and we were in a private room and I started hooting and hollering like, well, like something really exciting had happened! And then I told the server all about it and she was very nice and pretended to give a shit, for which I tipped her generously.

Then we went to the store and I proceeded to smile and wave and say hello to everyone I came across in the hopes someone would ask me how it was going and then I could have pointed at the Book Riot hoodie I was wearing and giddily screamed all about how I was doing. But instead, all these damn Iowans acted very un-Iowan and just politely waved back at me and said hello. Actually, that is very Iowan. You make a fine point.

So! Here’s my first piece, in which I explain various things you can do to improve the world / shake off that middle-class guilt. 6 Ways to Be a Bookish Do-Gooder.

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