Subscription Box Review | LitKit April 2016

Holy goodness y’all, how is LitKit so amazing!? Read my post about the April LitKit box to get the skinny on what they’re all about (basically they send “experimental literature and tools for writers” but it’s more complicated and amazing than that, really).

Last month was all things and this month was mostly poetry with a thing thrown in. I like both things and words I haven’t read before! I’ve read a poem or two that I’ve loved in my day, and I have a few favorite poets, but overall it’s not my go-to medium. Still, I do like reading “experimental literature” (though it doesn’t help with my constant quest to prove to people that I’m not a hipster) and I enjoyed what they sent. I’m not going to review each volume on its own. Essentially, I liked some poems and disliked others. Imagine that!

As always, it came with this handy descriptor of everything inside.


The back includes fun writing prompts.


There was a bunch of stuff from Mighty Mike McGee, including a full book of poetry, a chapbook, and a postcard for a download of his spoken word album (which I didn’t take a picture of since it had a unique code on it).


In Search of Midnight is from Write Bloody Publishing and while I’m not generally very loyal to publishers, I might make an exception for them because A) their name is great and B) this book is so g.d. satisfying to hold in my hands. The artwork is amazing and the texture is like . . . rubbery? I have no idea how to describe it but it’s fucking amazing.

Next was a handmade chapbook by Kevin Devaney5

Man, I love this fucking thing. His poetry is interesting and fun and this chapbook is both of those things too. Thanks for being a person that’s alive, Kevin.

As for the thing included in this box, we have this adorable Matchbox Theater from Leafcutter Designs.


I love this box and I love LitKit and I am so happy to report to y’all that these things are true!

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