Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon Recap

Y’all, I did it! I wasn’t ever planning to make it the entire 24 hours. My goal was to read from my start time at 7am until midnight. I ended up making it to 2am but I also took a two hour nap so that was a wash.

I didn’t do a lot of planning bookwise and basically just grabbed everything off my TBR shelf that was less than about 250 pages. I’ve learned from past experience that trying to read longer books just doesn’t keep me motivated. As it turned out, all the books I picked were awesome! 5-stars, every one of them! And I’m not generally very generous with my 5-star reviews!

My favorite was Morning and Evening by Jon Fosse, translated from Norweigan by Damion Searls. I’ll write a full review of this within the next few weeks but for now I will just say that it was so haunting and beautiful and sad and confusing and ultimately surprising and just lovely! 3

I also drank lots of coffee and grape pop.

My cats joined me for quite a bit of it. Here’s Dry Bones staking his claim on Nimona, which was also fantastic.


I read all over the house but made the biggest mess in our bedroom. Books on the walls, books on the bed, crushing it!


And finally I live you with this, one of the beautiful passages from Alibis: Essays on Elsewhere by Andre Aciman.


P.S. I’m on Twitter now but I don’t know what I’m doing so someone should come be my friend or follow me or whatever they say over there so I’m not so lonely! Thank you!

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