It’s Almost Dewey Time Again!

Tomorrow is Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon and I’m about to spill some peas I’m so excited! I’ll be starting at 7 AM over here and plan to read until midnight or so. It’ll be my third time through this glorious experience but I’ve never tried to make it all 24 hours. I’m an old person, I might die!

I’ve been dropping hints to Sam that he should make me some culinary treasure snacks. I don’t know what that means exactly but I’ve been hoping he’ll like create an ice cream snack that’s somehow packaged in gold? Except not gold because I don’t give a shit about gold so maybe something better like a book? That sounds awful. This is why he’s the chef in the family, I’d just be filling up books with ice cream.

I will be taking breaks to take part in online activities and such. I will be writing about my experience but I’ll save it as a draft all day and publish it at the end. If you want to keep up on the hour-by-hour progress you’ll have to follow me on twitter.


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