Book Review | Soft in the Head by Marie-Sabine Roger

soft in the headFor whatever reason it took me like 8,000 years of being a book blogger before finally getting on the NetGalley bandwagon, but here I am, ridin’ that wagon!

My first book was Soft in the Head by Marie-Sabine Rogers, which has been translated from its original French and will be published in June of 2016.

Man, I need a friend to read this and tell me what I think about it. It’s a first-person narrative told from the perspective of Germaine, a man whose mother describes him as a “halfwit.” Certainly there is some non-neurotypical stuff going on with this guy but it’s hard to gauge how much of it is his low opinion of himself and how much of it is actual obstacles.

One thing we do know is that he’s a drunk and the drunks he hangs out with make fun of him constantly. He doesn’t realize that and it’s painful to watch. But then it’s not. Like, do I want the guy to be hurt by the comments of these assholes? Certainly not. But I do want him to just magically stop hanging out with jerks.

And he sort of does. The story is mostly about him meeting an older woman who, like Germaine, is obsessed with counting pigeons. Fun times!

Their friendship develops and they teach each other things and blah blah. Heartwarming and all that, sure. But most of this was painful to read and I was never really clear if the author was trying to show us how mean everyone was to Germaine or if she was being mean to him herself. Overall this book left me feeling uncomfortable and irritated at pretty much everyone in the book.

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