Book Review | Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badani

broken.jpgAnother book I found during my free month of Kindle Unlimited, Trail of Broken Wings surprised me over and over again.On the surface, it was the story of three daughters of Indian immigrants but, as is true of most good books, it was about a lot more than that.

The story revolves around the patriarch of the family who’s in a coma he will likely not come out of. The three daughters are about as different from one another as they could be, each responding to the cultural norms of their culture differently, and, as we quickly learn, each responding to the abusiveness of their childhoods differently.

As a person who’s dealt with abuse in my life, I appreciated the way the author handled this. There was a lot of nuance. There were a lot of muddled feelings, which, after reading reviews of other readers, appears to be aggravating to others. But the truth is that many people who deal with abuse don’t feel one type of way about it. They feel a lot of different ways about it and they have responses to their abusers that may not make sense to other folks. The author handled this perfectly.

The characters were rich and fully fleshed out. Each chapter was from a different point of view so the reader was really treated to many different perspectives. As an analysis of Indian cultural norms, abuse survivors, and American immigrants, this book was a success for me.

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