Book Review | I Hate Plot by Snakes

plotYes, you read that right – the author of I Hate Plot does indeed go by the singular name Snakes. I read this during my free month of Kindle Unlimited and it was one of the delightful finds that I can’t imagine I would have otherwise stumbled across.

The title caught my eye immediately because I’m generally a character-driven reader and am not particularly interested in plot. There are exceptions of course, like that time I burnt my toast when reading The Hunger Games or most anything by Stephen King, but for the most part I’ll take exceptional writing over a fast-paced plot.

Title aside, there wasn’t much about plot in this collection of short stories but there were a series of increasingly personal stories / anecdotes / etc. This is a powerful work that required me to muffle my face to keep my face from making sounds that would wake up Sam – sometimes laughter, sometimes anguish.

It’s a short book and unfortunately the author doesn’t appear to have written anything else except some book about how not eating certain things will make us all live forever. It appears to have been written in earnest and it’s a viewpoint I don’t agree with so I won’t link to it, though savvy readers could certainly find it without trouble.

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