Book Review | When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde

9781611099799I signed up for a free month of Kindle Unlimited (review of that to follow, though the short version is: don’t do it) and When I Found You was the first novel I downloaded. I don’t remember what made me choose it – I’d never heard of it – but it ended up not being a great book for me. In fact, I gave it 2 out of 5 stars on GoodReads which basically means I disliked it as much as I possibly could have without quite getting to the almost-pleasure of a hate-read.

The story is that of a boy left in the woods by his mother, found by a man, and raised by his grandmother. The man who found him has some troubles of his own and eventually takes the kid in despite the fact that the kid’s a criminal. So that sounds fine, right? I’m into taking a risk on people and being there for people even when they do fucked up things.

The plot is fine but the writing was less than fantastic. For what should have been a pretty emotional tale, the writing was relatively dull and at no point did I feel emotionally committed to these characters. The dialog was choppy and not at all realistic. All characters, with the exception of the boy found in the woods, were either all good or all bad. There was absolutely no nuance, as though the author stuck a collar around her reader’s neck and forced them to her own conclusions about the characters instead of letting us come to them on our own.

Surprise! I wouldn’t recommend this book to a friend.

One thought on “Book Review | When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde

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