Subscription Box Review | Indiespensable from Powell’s Books

I get a bad rap as an anti-pun gal but that’s not entirely accurate. I like words, I make my living manipulating them after all, and I like clever use of words. What I don’t like are puns for the sake of puns. Like, if the entire joke of a pun is that it’s a pun then it’s not a good pun. So do I love or hate “Indiespensable,” the name of the book subscription box from Powell’s Books? I have no idea! It’s been keeping me up at night.

This was my first month getting this box – there’s actually a wait list for it – and for the most part I dug it. This isn’t a box that gives you a great return on your money. I don’t mind paying for curation so that’s fine with me but I understand folks who would rather spend their $39.95 every six weeks on books they picked out themselves.

As I understand it some boxes have a few books but this had just one, A Doubter’s Almanac by Ethan Canin.



It came in its own fancy box thing that will look pretty groovy on my shelves. You can’t really tell from my (terrible!) photos but the dots are shiny and great.

It was a signed first edition.


There’s also a hefty booklet of info about the book and the author, as well as an interview with said author.

The extra special inclusion this month was a water bottle for math nerds! I’m mildly math nerdy but my mom is big time math nerdy so she’ll be getting this (and loving it!) for Mother’s Day.


So that’s it! Did I like this box? Sure, it was cool. But it was no Book Riot Quarterly.

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