Book Review | Wreck and Order by Hannah Tennant-Moore

wre.jpgWreck and Order indeed. What a mess. I’d love to sit down with the author and find out if she intended for the protagonist to come off as totally clueless, entitled brat. I mean . . .

When my coworkers worried about student loans and maxed-out credit cards, I almost wished I too had the boundary of debt to help describe my place in the world. It was lonely to be both blue collar and spoiled, just one more way I was a stranger to what most people considered the real world.

By the way, she considers herself blue-collar because she works at Barnes at Noble part-time for $10 an hour.

I’ve loved plenty of books with unsympathetic characters but this did not work for me.

She spends a pretty significant amount of the book travelling overseas and making Americans look bad, like the time the bus she was on hit a pothole and she nearly crushed an infant with her pack and then responds to the infant’s mother’s glare with the following internal dialogue:

I should not be traveling in her country for the equivalent of a handful of pennies. I have been blessed with birth in America. If I can afford a plane ticket to this country, it is my duty to pay for a private driver. But I’d rather stay home than watch Sri Lanka pass by through tinted glass. I don’t care how many babies I have to take out in the process. 

Like I said, I’ve been known to like a protagonist who’s less than nice but there was a total lack of self-awareness by the character that I just couldn’t abide.

And then there was the sex. Lots of it. Very detailed descriptions. Most of the sex was aggressive and rough. I’m fine with any sexual contact between consenting adults so this wasn’t a negative for me but I don’t think a review would be complete without pointing it out. Lots of sex!

Overall, the writing was actually pretty strong if a little too precious at times. I feel confident the author has a good book in her but this wasn’t it. I hope she gets there.

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