Subscription Box Review | LitKit March 2016

Once again I had to drive to the next town over to pick up a box my mailperson hadn’t left at our farmhouse and once again it was totally worth it!

This is my first month of LitKit and when I learned about it I about jumped up and down for joy. As they describe it:

Each box contains:

  • A selection of experimental literature. Sometimes a single book, sometimes a few. Sometimes fiction, sometimes poetry, always unexpected and delightful.
  • A selection of tools for book-lovers and creators. Writing implements, bookmaking supplies, mail art projects, and bookish novelties are all par for the course.
  • A dose of inspiration. Writing prompts are a given, and postcards too. Your box may also contain custom art journals, interesting literary games and experiments, and clever diversions to spark your creativity.

Sounds clever and exciting, no? And it is! The February LitKit box included a wax stamping kit which I was bummed to miss. The curators seem like some hip cats who are passionate about book stuffs. Enough, enough – on to the stuffs!

The folks at LitKit were kind enough to include a letter detailing everything they’d included and the reasons they deemed said items worthy.


As you can read, they’re practically begging me to send them a letter. Perfect! As I mentioned in my post about #write_on, I’ll soon be writing more letters than I can tap a typewriter at and am actively looking for strangers to send them to.

The back of the letter has a calendar with a few writing prompts scattered throughout the month. The day I answer “What does the sun smell like?” should be an interesting day.


Okay, now the goodies! First is the Stolen Sharpie Revolution by Alex Wrekk from Portland Button Works ($11.52) and a retractable fine-tip black Sharpie.


This is a pretty slick little guide on writing, distributing, and enjoying ‘zines with hand-written and typed pages chock full of handy info. I read it in an afternoon and was surprised by how much specific, concrete advice included in it. I’ll be writing a full review in the next week or two.


They also included a magnet (I ❤ Books) and button (READ MORE BOOKS) from Portland Button Works.


They included a pair of tiny ‘zines by Ellen BaeFixed and Fleeting. They’re both super cute and apparently she and I have similar girl crushes.


I love all of these things but the item I’m about to hop up on my roof and scream about is the Mini Book Kit by Books by Hand.


I haven’t cracked this open yet but the instructions seem pretty simple.


I’m gonna make tiny books! And it’ll be amazing! I’m super stoked about my first LitKit and I’ll be sure to post the results of my book-making catastrophe.

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