Subscription Box Review | The Book(ish) Box March 2016

Sam and I live in an old farmhouse that doesn’t have a doorbell so at least three times a week I have to drive to the next town over and pick up packages from the post office. I get a lot of packages! Sometimes I get there and the package is something not worth driving to the next town over and I get bummed – like the time I had to pay $0.03 to receive a tube of lip gloss I immediately threw away because it was a melty mess – but there are a few packages I would drive cross country to pick up. The Book(ish) Box is one of them. Let’s get excited!

In fact, I was so pumped that I ripped this sucker open in the parking lot and neglected to take a picture of the fantastic-as-always packaging. You can check out previous The Book(ish) Box reviews to see what I’m talking about.

First up is this pillow cover from Evie Seo. First of all, this is pretty badass, right? The art is great and I’m excited about stuffing this thing with a (relatively small) pillow. On one hand I really like the quote. It’s true that it took me many years to learn that being afraid wasn’t always a reason not to do a thing and that though I’d prefer to sit around and wait to magically not be afraid of things before doing them, often the only way to stop being afraid of a thing is to do the thing anyway.

On the other hand, I have both panic disorder and PTSD. I’ve lived with these disorders for almost a decade but only sought out help within the last few months. I’m grateful to say that the combination of medication and therapy has been an almost magical elixir and my life (and ability to cope with it) has changed significantly in a short amount of time. But one of the main reasons I didn’t seek help for so long is because I believed that I needed to think my way out of it, that fear / anxiety was only my enemy if I allowed it to be.

Yes, I’m reading a lot into this pillow case but I think it’s important for people to understand their limits and to know that sometimes it’s true that we allow fear to hold us back and sometimes it’s true that we are not in control of it. I don’t like the message that people who experience fear are just weak or that it’s their fault. So! I feel a little conflicted about this.


Every month The Book(ish) Box sends out a t-shirt. This month it’s this beautiful illustration from a book I’ve never heard of called Everything, Everything. I love the glittery gold and a graphic from The Little Prince is never a bad thing.


The Quote Bomb from Da Bomb Fizzers, “a pair of sisterpreneurs” is a nifty thing I’ve never seen before. I don’t take baths so this will be gifted to some lucky person.


I will use the hell out of these earrings from LulaBelle & Co! They’ll go great with the awesome bookish bow I got a few months ago.


Finally, we have this nifty “Bookworm Sticky Notes” contraption from Appraising Pages.

It’s got both book flags and larger post-it notes. As you can see, I’ve already been making use of the post-it notes. I do flag the hell out of books normally but at the moment I’ve been going pretty hard on my Kindle to make use of my free month of Kindle Unlimited (which I’ll review at a later date) so I haven’t used them much.

There you have it! Another fantastic box from those bookish folks at Appraising Pages. I don’t know how they manage to get such great stuff month after month after month but I’m grateful that they do.

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