Subscription Box Review | The Book(ish) Box

The Book(ish) Box is an amazing subscription box filled with awesome book items. I subscribe to several boxes that send me books, which is great, but I love that this one is just accessories for those of us who want to be surrounded by nerdy bookish things.

This is only my second box from them but you can check out my other Book(ish) Box Review. The cost is $29.99 per month for the woman’s size box and $32.00 per month for plus size boxes. There are discounts for longer subscriptions.

So first of all, this box is exciting to open. I love the cool graphics and the fact that it feels like I’m opening a gift from some rad friend who totally understands the way my nerd-brain works.This month’s theme was literary best friends / Galentine’s Day.



The t-shirt this month was inspired by The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I gotta say, that book blew my mind 15 years ago (or whenever I read it) and so this was a nice nostalgic shirt for me. I’m not crazy about the color but last month I got an awesome bright red shirt and I know they’ll vary and not always be winners.


Next up was this tote from Bookworm Boutique. For toting books, see! It’s a nice size – not as big as the others I have – but the bottom doesn’t flatten out which means you can’t really stack books in it appropriately. It’s more like a large sleeve you can slide things into. Still, I dig it. It says, “It is the friends that call you up at 4 am to talk about books that realy matter.”


Then we’ve got this book clubs note notebook from Yellow Paper House.


It’s small and great and I’ve already used it a few times. The only issue I have is with the part to add quotes. This is a pretty small notebook so you’d really only be able to add a quote that was ten words or less. I’d rather have more room for the other subjects then have to squeeze a quote into that little spot. Lucky for me, I can use this however I want. Freedom!


Finally we have a small magnet that comes from Parks & Rec:


There was also a aqua-colored tassle keychain inspired by Fangirl, which it looks like I didn’t take a picture of. I don’t get it. I’ve read other reviews from people who’ve read that book and also don’t get it. It’s not for me but that’s fine. I’m otherwise very happy with this box!


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