Subscription Box Review | The Bookish Box

This was my first month receiving The Bookish Box and I was pretty flipping excited when it showed up. The box itself is really cute.


I appreciate it when companies take the time with their packaging like this.


The concept of this box is unique: every month you get a t-shirt from Appraising Pages (in a size you select) plus three – five home, beauty, or fashion items. As you’ll see from this box, all the items are designed specifically for literary nerds like myself. They promise that the items selected are from their favorite small shops. I was glad to see they offer both women’s fit and unisex fit t-shirt sizes.

The cost is $29.99 per month plus shipping though I both paid more for a plus-size shirt and got a deal when I bought a longer subscription.

The main item in this box is the t-shirt. This month’s was based off See How They Run by Ali (Ally?) Carter. I’m a little confused about how she spells her first name. It’s Ally on the book but the Book(ish) Box included a sheet detailing the contents of this box and said it was curated by author Ali Carter. So who knows! Probably Ally/Ali I would guess.


I don’t know a thing about this book, and based on its description it’s not something I’ll likely pick up, but I like what the shirt says and I love the graphic. I also happen to adore this dark red – it’s my favorite color – though I know there were other colors shipping out. I guess I got lucky!

Then we have this adorable bow from WeeaBows.


This is not only super cute, but it’s really well made too.


The fabric is nice and thick and the clasp is attached well.


It also attaches very securely to my hair without pulling on it. I was really surprised by the quality on this considering they only run about $12 a piece.


A candle made by From the Page was included. Supposedly it was inspiried by Sherlock. Their website says it’s tea with leather, but I didn’t pick up those scents. Fortunately it does smell amazing though! I can’t quite put my finger on the scent but count me a happy customer for sure.

Next up is a paper door hanger from Appraising Pages that says “Shhh! I’m Reading” on one side and “Recovering from my book hangover / Enter at your own risk!” on the other side. This is actually perfect for me. I have an office off the back of our house that affords me privacy while I’m working, but Sam is constantly coming in to say hello, bring me coffee, be adorable, etc. Most of the time I’m into it, but sometimes I’m in the middle of something time sensitive and don’t need the distraction. We’ve discussed solutions to this problem and I think this will be the perfect way to let him know if he can enter safely or not!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, before I could take a picture of it, our cats ate it! Whoops!

There was also this adorable little “magnetic reading buddy” as they called it, though I just call it a bookmark.


I believe it’s depicting Nancy Drew. She’s got herself a little book with “Clues” written on it and a magnifying glass.


Very cute!


It’s from Happy Heart Hello, who have a ton of cute bookmarks in their Etsy store.

Did you guys notice how many times I said “adorable” and “cute” in this review? It was a lot! You’d think as a professional writing-person I could come up with more varied adjectives, but this box is both adorable and cute. I’m so glad I committed to a full six months because I absolutely adore everything in this box.

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