Subscription Box Review | Book Riot’s Quarterly Box

Oh, Book Riot! Y’all send me the best boxes of books and book stuff! I reviewed their Best of 2015 Box a few weeks ago and was over the moon about it. This is their box from Quarterly that, shockingly, comes out quarterly. Once again, above the moon I am!

This was my first Quarterly box from them, but from what I understand they generally contain a few bookish things and anywhere from 1 – 3 books. Let’s check out the bookish things first!

First of all, I got this amazing hat from New York City’s Strand bookstore that makes me feel amazing. Obviously it’s a play on Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.” I took this photo and posted it on Facebook, and Sam’s mom was sure to let me know that she thought it was a great saying but a terrible hat style. Thanks, Mama Oat, but I love everything about this hat!


Next we’ve got the Novel Tea Pouch.


Each of the tea bags have literary quotes, which seems like a great item for folks who like tea and books. I only like one of those things (I’m a cuppa Joe girl all the way) so I’ll be gifting this.

Next we have the Miriam-Webster’s 365 New Words-a-Year Page-a-Day Calendar.


Book Riot says “Word nerds know there’s no such thing as a too-big vocabulary,” and promises that if I use their calendar daily I’ll “end 2016 that much fancier!” Well! Who doesn’t want to be that much fancier?

bright.jpgNow on to the books! First up is Bright Lines by Tanwi Nandini Islam. As always, I don’t read descriptions if I know I’m going to read the book, so y’all will have to go read all about it yourself.


In addition to the book, subscribers also got a postcard with a “gorgeous Ernst Haeckel print” on one side and a note from one of the main characters to the other.



I’m almost finished with Dryland by Sara Jaffe. dryland

I’ll write a full review within the next week, but for the purposes of describing the curation of this box, this book is perfect. It’s something I definitely wouldn’t have picked up on my own and it’s certainly a unique book. Book Riot’s description starts with, “Holy cats, this book is a heartbreaking joy.” Holy cats indeed! EDIT: Full review.


This also came with a postcard, which the author imagined was written from one character to another but was never sent. Book Riot says “Don’t peek until you’ve finished the book!” which would have been a more useful warning if I’d bothered to read it before tearing into the package. The good news is that I have a terrible memory and though I did read it, I don’t remember a thing about it!

Overall I love my box! It’s true that the tea isn’t for me but it’ll make a great gift for a book loving, tea drinking friend. The hat pretty much makes life worth living, despite the harsh words of Sam’s mother!

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