Subscription Box Review | OrangeGlad December 2015

As you may have noticed, I’ve been getting a lot of subscription boxes lately! I’ve really liked most of them, but my first box from Orange Glad is easily my favorite box to date. Why? Because it’s all delicious, tasty, treats, and they were all amazing!

First is the White Chocolate S’More from Sweet Lydia’s, which was actually my least favorite item in the box but was still delicious. According to the info card, it’s:

Gourmet Vanilla Marshmallow sandwiched between two chocolate graham crackers, covered in white chocolate.


The chocolate graham crackers were actually thicker and softer than any graham cracker I’ve ever had. They were like halfway between a hard graham cracker and a moist cake. They were delicious! The marshmallow was also really decadent and not just the somewhat liquidy marshmallow cream I assumed they’d use. It was thick and very flavorful.


The only reason these weren’t a knockout hit for me is that white chocolate isn’t my favorite. I do like it just fine, but it doesn’t get my goat going. That said, this was super delicious and I can say with confidence that if someone liked white chocolate and s’mores this would blow their g.d. mind.


Next we have Belgian Chocolate Fudge from The Mill Fudge Factory & Ice Cream Cafe.


Jesus, this was good. I don’t think of myself as a person who gives a shit about chocolate fudge, but it turns out I do. When I think of fudge I think of a hard but pliable consistency, but this was soft. Hard enough to stay together, but if you touched it you could leave a thumb print.


The flavor was incredible. Very sweet, very chocolaty. Though it’s described as dark chocolate it’s definitely not a harsh chocolate. Strong though. I’m looking at the empty wrapper right now and wishing they’d sent me a box full of this! Though if they did, I wouldn’t have had all the other incredible things I got in this box . . . And now I see they have a fudge of the month club. Oh man, I’m in trouble.

Speaking of which, let’s discuss the Dark Chocolate Clairesquare. I’m pretty sure this was my favorite thing in the box, though seriously, all these treats are amazing!


According to the booklet, this is a traditional Irish treat: shortbread base, caramel center, and Belgian dark chocolate topping. The shortbread was much thicker and moister than any shortbread I’ve had. The caramel is gooey and delicious, and the chocolate on top reminds me of the chocolate on top of those peanut butter flavored rice krispee treats. It’s like solid but pliable? I don’t know y’all, it’s great! I ate this guy right on up.


When I first pulled the Hot Chocolate on a Stick out of the box I thought it was a chocolate lollipop. I’m glad I read the directions, because in real life you heat up some milk and then stir this guy around in it until it makes hot chocolate. I did take a few licks before melting it and it tastes delicious on its own.


As I was making my cup of hot chocolate I was not impressed. Sure, it’s a cute, novel idea, but I spent two minutes heating up the milk and then about three minutes stirring this thing into the cup to melt it. I certainly don’t have a problem taking five minutes to make hot chocolate, but this didn’t seem like the most efficient way to do it. I thought it was just a cutesy way to do it, and that in the end I’d prefer to just make it the traditional way.

And then I tasted it. Holy cow! This is seriously delicious. I drink hot chocolate a few times a week during the winter and this is easily the best hot chocolate I’ve ever made in my home. Totally not a gimmick and well worth both the cost and the whole five minutes it takes (poor me, I know!)

Finally we have the Meyer Lemon Nonettes. These are little donut-like guys – and they’re delicious! They were easily Sam’s favorite in this box, but then again Sam loves lemons so much that he has one tattooed on his arm. Looks like I forgot to take a picture before we gobbled them up, so here’s the manufacturer’s photo.



The consistency is like a very moist donut hole. I guess more like a cake hole? Not really a cake ball because every cake ball I’ve had is mixed up with frosting. This had a light, sweet, lemony glaze.

Overall this box was amazing. I’m a lady with a sweet tooth and it was well satisfied! I can’t wait to see what comes in boxes to come!


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