Ice Cream Review | Ben & Jerry’s Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core

Listen y’all, when I read the description I was pretty sure this ice cream was going to be my spirit animal.Mocha? Yum! Caramel? Yes! Fudge flakes? Prob’ly should! Chocolate cookie core? Get out of here with your perfection! Sadly, it didn’t quite live up to my unreasonably high expectations.

boFirst of all, let’s discuss the ice cream. If the mocha and caramel ice creams didn’t have different colors I wouldn’t have known they were different flavors. Both were very muted and basically just tasted like vanilla with a hint of something, which I wouldn’t have necessarily noted was mocha or caramel if tasting it



I thought this cookie core was going to be amazing. I’ve had cookie swirls in B&J’s ice cream that was amazing. I think this is made up of the same type of stuff, but when you pack it into a big tube in the middle like this, it just doesn’t work. The result is pretty grainy, gritty, actually, and the flavor is . . . very processed and fake. Overall it wasn’t pleasant and I ended up eating around what I thought would be my favorite part of this flavor.

I have to say that sadly this ice cream was a miss for me. I was pretty shocked because really this one should have been a slam dunk! Better luck next time, Ben & Jerry’s.

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