Subscription Box Review | Prospurly November 2015 + COUPON

Prospurly is a subscription box for small-batch, artisan-crafted natural products. They promise 6 – 8 full-sized products in each box. According to their site, they range from bath and body essentials, to treats, to home goods.

I like small-batch, artisan-style stuff so I was really excited to get this box. Check out my review and then subscribe using coupon code FRIDAY for 15% off your first box and 10% for the life of your subscription. The cost without discount is $49.95.

This box was packaged really nicely and though there were several breakable bottles they were all wrapped up tightly. This month’s theme was “Gifts of Gratitude,” which is a theme I’m into generally and am specifically into around the holidays!


I do find the info card a little bit difficult to read. The font is a little weird and it takes some squinting to make it all out. Other than that, I love the packaging.


First up was Yes It’s Pure Organic Elderberry Brew. $18.


This is a tonic made with all sorts of good stuff, including elderberries, honey, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, stinging needles, echinacea root, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. It says that it may reduce the severity and duration of cold-like symptoms.

I think this a great addition and I’m, well, not excited to try it – since that would require me to get sick – but I am a person who brews up a nice healthy tea when I’m sick. Next time I’ll try this instead.

It says it must be refrigerated once open so I don’t want to open it up and take a whiff in fear that I’d reduce it’s shelflife. The instructions say to take 1 – 2 tbsp 3-5 times a day. This is an 8 fl oz bottle so I imagine it’ll get me through a few sicknesses. I took the picture with a highlighter so y’all could see how big it is.

*UPDATE* Not long after I wrote this, Sam came into my office and told me he had a sore throat. He was a little startled when I was so excited! We opened it up and he tried it. The smell wasn’t great, but it does in fact taste great! Definitely too soon to tell if it did anything but we’re giving it a shot.

Next up is the Whiskey Oak Smoked Poultry Seasoning. $12.


First of all, this bottle is adorable!


Second of all, it smells amazing! You really get the smoke. Sam is a chef and was really excited about this one. I can’t wait to see what he uses it on!

Then we have the Sakari Botanicals Sweet Grass Tea. $3


I’m not a tea person but I frequently have guests who are so this will get used. I love the package but there was one serious problem with it, which I’ll cover when we get to the shower bomb down below.

Leaf Seed Berry Green Apple Face Toner.$24.


I got this box the day after I returned from a 6 day trip to North Carolina, during which I did not have any moisturizer at all. My face was not happy about it! I started using this toner in conjunction with my regular beauty regime and I really like it! The smell is amazing too. It smells like non-spiced cider, which is my favorite kind of cider!

Bubbles and Botanicals Apple Spice Cocoa Butter. $10.

Oh my goodness – yum! This is absolutely my favorite item in a box full of things I love. The smell is fantastic. It’s apply and cinnamony and just lovely. Plus it makes my legs super soft, which Sam is a big fan of.

Juniper Earth Headache Shower Bomb. $3.75.


OK. So here’s the problem: this thing is VERY fragrant before it’s used. So fragrant that when I picked this box up from the post office my entire car was immediately overtaken by it. This wouldn’t normally be a negative, but it was packaged right on top of the tea – which is just in a porous bag! I don’t know that the tea is even still drinkable.


I did use the shower bomb and I was sort of confused by it. While it smelled SO STRONG before putting it in the shower, it didn’t actually smell like much of anything while it was in use. I had the shower streaming over it, and it did dissolve, but it never really overtook me the way it overtook my car.


ROANDNOVA Holiday Gift Card Set. $10.50.


These cards were certainly cute and they came right in time. There are no envelopes though, so keep that in mind.


All told this box had a value of $82. Pretty awesome! I’m super happy with everything in it and I can’t wait for next month’s box!

Also, I should say that I had reason to correspond with the customer service team over at Prospurly (because I screwed up – repeatedly!) and they were really great to work with. They got back to me right away and were quick to refund me for something that was entirely my mistake. I’m a happy subscriber!

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