Subscription Box Review | 5th Avenue Style Limited Edition Holiday Box

With coupon, my 5th Avenue Style Limited Edition Holiday Box came to $220. I took a big gamble on this one – the first time I’ve done so on a subscription box – and have been really nervous about how it would all come out. Let’s see how they did for me!

First of all, the packaging was fantastic! The box has magnets in it to keep it closed, which I was entirely too excited about.


When I placed my order I filled out quite a few questions about my preferences so I assume different folks got different boxes.

My first item was an abstract leaf scarf from Kenzo, a Parisian designer. It’s made of 94% modal and 6% cashmere. I couldn’t find this scarf for sale on their website, but similar Kenzo scarves cost over $200.


I do like the design on this, though I’ve never worn a decorative scarf (or, as my sister-in-law calls them, “yummy scarves”) in my life, so I’m not even sure how to put the thing on! It has kind of a slick feel to it, but it’s also very soft. It’s a weird combo I don’t have a ton of experience with.

Next up were a pair of concave oval simulate diamond earrings from Rivka Friedman.


Once again, I couldn’t find these exact earrings online. I know from the tag that they’re 18K clad and I love the design. The best I could compare them to are another pair of simulate diamonds from Rivka Friedman, though they’re a significantly different style. They have a retail value of $320.

They’re subtle yet still a bit of a statement piece. I’ll be wearing these for Christmas Eve dinner at Sam’s grandma’s house for sure!

Now let’s take a look at this hematite crystal bobby pin from Erickson Beamon Rocks. This is a weird one. I found listings for this on Erickson Beamon Rocks’ Facebook page – which hasn’t been updated for over a year. They also no longer have a website, though there is a website for Erickson Beamon. There are no product listings there. The only thing I could find for sale is this bracelet at Lord & Taylor that’s over $900 and then this unsuccessful Ebay listing where the seller couldn’t sell the item for $35. Not sure how to value this.


I will say that it’s a cute bobby pin. It’s very strong and well made, and I really love the curvy part of the pin. The cluster is unique and I’m sure I’ll find reason to wear this, though it doesn’t feel like a particularly posh piece.

The second pair of earrings are duchess earrings from LuLu Frost. These are not currently for sale but I did find a listing for very similar LuLu Frost duchess earrings. They cost $240.


These are definitely my favorite items in the box! I love the vintage look, I love the weight of them, and I love the muted colors. Very glamorous!

Finally we have the heart beat forever necklace from Walter Baker. The listing describes it as having “Swarovski elements.” I love this necklace – I think the design is wonderful – but wow is it short! I could barely get it closed on the longest spot and then it was choking me. This will definitely have to be gifted to a dainty friend or family member!


As with the other items, I couldn’t find a retail value on this. I did find someone selling one for $25.

It’s hard to say what the actual retail value of this box is, since it seems to be made up of things that didn’t sell in previous seasons. I don’t care how current things are – I’m not fashion guru! – and all of these styles seem to be pretty timeless.

That said, do I think this box was worth $220? The retail value may seem that it was, but if I wandered into a store and was offered this selection of items for $220 I would not have considered buying it. I don’t regret this box, and I can see why some people would love it, but I don’t think I’ll be ordering from them again.


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