Subscription Box Review | Dottie Box November 2015

Dottie Box is a really unique subscription box that focuses on handmade items, indie brands, and products made by small businesses. There are two options: the regular box costs $20 a month plus $6 for shipping, and the mini box costs $10 per month plus $3 for shipping. This review is for the regular box.


I love subscription boxes that make me feel like I’m opening a gift, and Dottie Box certainly delivers!


Info card with everything included, the prices, and the websites you can buy the goods at.

This 1LoveCandles Coconut Butter Lotion Candle smells nice, though it’s a very strong scent. I personally like that but it wouldn’t be the best fit for someone who likes a more subtle candle. It’s made with soy wax and coconut butter so it can be melted and poured on the skin for massaging purposes. For reasons I’ll leave to your imagination, this was Sam’s favorite item in the box.


A few years ago I made a goal to send a piece of mail every week for a year. I somehow managed to accomplish it and it was such a great experience! People loved getting random pieces of mail, and while I do have plenty of friends and family, finding 52 people to send mail to was a challenge. I ended up getting in touch with some folks I hadn’t talked to for a while, and there were several people over the year who ended up sending me random mail months later.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing the same thing again in 2016 and I think this Emily Cromwell Hand Lettered Fall Card was just the sign I needed! As you can see, it’s a cute design and the inside is blank so it’s appropriate for anyone. The only thing I wasn’t nuts about was the brown paper bag colored envelope. I’m sure it’s recycled and there’s a good reason for its blandness, but I would have liked to see an envelope that better fit in with the design of the card. There were several different cards that went out and others I’ve seen definitely fit the “fall card” category better, but I like that this one is very general.


The Different Lens Designs Teal Button Necklace is a cute little necklace. I can count the number of necklaces I have on one hand (though as I’m getting more into subscription boxes I think this is going to change!) so it was nice to get something casual I can wear with a fun summer dress. I’m normally not a huge fan of the dogtag-style chains, but I think it fits pretty well with this design. And I love this color, as you can likely tell – it matches my duvet pretty well!

My mom will be getting this Earth Cookie Creations Lace Hoop for Christmas. I think she’ll really like it, but it wasn’t for me. It was basically just a piece of lace in a wooden hoop. The way the lace fell on the edges it ended up looking unfinished, though I realize it’s supposed to look that way. Not my thing.


They also threw in this free drink cozy. I don’t know if this is something special because it’s my first box or if I’ll keep seeing freebies. Either way, I like this quite a bit – since I do heart handmade things – and it’ll get some use from me for sure.

I also received a coupon for 25% off a purchase at It’s Lovely Co. I don’t have any experience with that company, but it looks like they have some cool facial and skin care products. The code for 25% off is DOTTIEBOX and I imagine can be used by anyone since it’s a generic code.

Overall I liked this box. The total value (without the extras) was $27.87. This is less than $2 more than I paid for the box, but I’m not a person who thinks the draw in every subscription box is saving money. I think these items were well curated and I love that Dottie Box focuses on small businesses. I can’t wait to see what we get next month!

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