Subscription Box Review | October 2015 Volupties PLUS COUPON AND GIVEAWAY

I’ve signed up for quite a few subscription boxes recently but Volupties was the one I was most excited about because they send you cute underwear! It was also the one I was most nervous about. As a plus-sized woman, finding clothing is challenging for a number of reasons, but mostly because there is no standard sizing in the fashion world. One company’s XL might fit me, while with another company an XL is two sizes too small.

With Volupties I picked a size (2X) and trusted them to send me three pair. The first month was only $12 (quite a steal!) and after that it’s just $17 per month. You can save $5 on your first month by using this link. Both include free shipping. There’s also a non-plus size option: Splendies.

I’m not sure if they always follow a color scheme, but the three they sent me in my first box were all of the pinkish variety.


I love that they included two sexish pairs and one comfy cotton one. Sam’s favorite was this pink / peachish lace pair. They were surprisingly comfortable right out of the bag, but after washing and drying them they fit a little better. I think I’m probably right between the XL and 2X so all three of these fit better after drying.


They provided good coverage and didn’t hug the wrong spots or cut into my flesh, which is nice!


These were my favorite pair in the box. The pictures make them look sort of nudish, but in fact they’re a light pink / peach. Like the tag says, they’re super soft and I absolutely love the bow and lace details. They’re very flattering on me and they feel both comfortable and sexy. Amazing!



The final pair were also (eventually) a hit with me, much to my surprise!


I have to say, pink is definitely not my favorite color, and I wasn’t nuts about the gray. When I flipped them over and saw this obnoxious bow, I was really not impressed.


Thankfully I gave them a closer look after washing them, and when I finally tried them on I realized that they’re super comfy, they fit really nice, and I actually think they’re kind of fun. They’re definitely not something I would buy for myself, but really that’s why I’m letting strangers pick out my underwear, right? Plus there was this little jewel detail, which I was charmed by because I have this problem where I like anything that shines obnoxiously.


I’m very picky about my underwear and don’t find that many options look good on me, but Volupties managed to get me three pair that fit really nicely – plus I think they’re all super cute! I’m definitely excited about this first box and can’t wait for the next one.

And don’t forget – head over to this post, leave a comment, and you may just get yourself a $40 gift card to Danielle Stevens Jewelry.

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