Book Review: Why Not Me? – Mindy Kaling

whyWhy Not Me? came in my October Popsugar Must Have subscription box and, as much to my surprise, I’m glad it did!

Before I read this book I liked Mindy Kaling just fine. I’ve found her moderately funny and wouldn’t walk out of a club if I happened to see her doing stand up, but I also wouldn’t go out of my way to see her. I’m also not generally the hugest fan of comedy books. As I noted in my review of Seriously . . . I’m Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres, it’s been my experience that this genre is much more suited to an audiobook format.

So imagine my surprise when I loved this book! What I thought would be a slightly cringe-inducing over-zealous attempt to be funny, and would inevitably fall flat and read as though Kaling was trying way too hard (which has been my experience with most “funny” books I’ve read) was actually legitimately funny.

While it’s true that I found this book funny, it’s also true that it’s a very specific type of humor. I can think of many people who would find this book hilarious, but I can think of more who are not in the target audience and would not be charmed by it.

“Two or three times a year I get a spray tan. ‘But why?’ you ask, ‘You already have dark skin. Like really dark skin.’ Well, first of all, that’s a little racially weird that you just said that.’

She describes her humor quite aptly when she says:

“I have the opposite of a dry sense of humor. . . My sense of humor is loud and risque, like topless day at the water park.”

The book wasn’t just funny though – there was all sorts of great insider information on Hollywood, and an interesting chapter on how tiring it is to be constantly commended for having a positive body image – which, as Kaling points out, is really just a veiled way to say, “How do you have the nerve to have confidence when you’re not classically attractive?”

I easily could have been put off by the Hollywood stuff, and in fact that was partially responsible for the slight dread I had when I started reading this. I’m not particularly interested in celebrities, and I’m definitely not interested in out-of-touch people trying to connect with us plebeians, but there was neither tons of annoying celebrity stuff, nor any out-of-touchness.

After reading this book I immediately started searching for other “funny” books. Clearly I’ve been missing out!

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