Book Review | In This Our Life by Ellen Glasgow

In This Our Life is one of the last Pulitzers I had left to read. It’s taken me this long because the book is out of print and there aren’t a ton of copies available. Really, this is not surprising given how utterly boring the book is.

There’s both a lot going on in the story and also not much of anything. I really just couldn’t muster two licks of giving a dang about these privileged, whiny characters. They did seem to be even more bored with their own lives than I was, which is saying something because wow was I bored with them.

Each of the characters had their own internal struggles, most of which revolved around reconciling what one wants to do with what one must or should do. Certainly not a new theme, but one that is interesting and universal enough. That is, if you are at all interested in the characters.

Really what best demonstrates my experience with this book is when I realized there were about 20 pages missing from the middle of the book and apparently nothing of import happened in those pages, because it picked up pretty much in the same place it was before the pages went missing.

Obviously, I would not recommend this book.

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