Book Review | Childish Loves by Benjamin Markovits

childChildish Loves is really two completely different works. Half the book focuses on the fictional Ben Markovits, who inherits several unpublished manuscripts from a recently deceased colleague. After having the manuscripts published and seeing them gain more fame and attention than his own work, Mr. Markovits sets off on a journey to find out more about his deceased colleague.

It seemed to me that his goal was not just to find out more about the man, but to find out how much a reader can really learn about a writer through his work. I found this part of the book to be engaging, extremely well written and thought provoking.

The other portion of the book was excerpts from the unpublished manuscripts of his dead colleague, which consisted of the fictional diary entries of Lord Byron. It was hard for me to focus on these chapters. I didn’t really understand how they were tying in with the rest of the book, or if they were, and I just kept wondering when we’d get back to the storyline that was actually interesting.

Overall, the sections of the book focusing on the fictional journey of Mr. Markovits’ were excellent and I’d give them 5 stars. The Lord Byron fan fic sections really didn’t work for me and as a complete work, the book felt disjointed.

p.s. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via the Goodreads First Reads program

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