Book Review | A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

visitI’ve read all the Pulitzer Prize-winning novels and when each year’s selection is made, I look forward to sinking my teeth into it. This was certainly no exception – in fact my expectations were even higher than usual. It seemed that A Visit From the Goon Squad had made every summer reading list and it seemed that everyone I knew was either reading it or had read and loved it.

Unfortunately it didn’t grab me the way it seemed to grab others. Yes, she is a talented writer. Yes, she did a superb job of switching between narrators and writing convincingly from numerous points of view. But at the end of the day I would describe the book as ultimately forgettable. None of the characters stuck out for me. I was never properly taken in by the plot.

Would I have enjoyed this book more if I’d picked it up off the shelf and had no expectations? Probably. But I believe that I would have still found it to be less than exceptional.

One thought on “Book Review | A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

  1. I’m starting this one soon, and I’m wondering how the hype will impact my read. I’ve read a couple of middling to negative reviews in the past few weeks, and they focus in part on how the book can no longer live up to all the praise. That’s a probably for any over-hyped book, I think, but I’m still hoping I’ll enjoy it. I’ve only read one book by Egan before, Look at Me, and didn’t love it; but still, I want to believe that if a book gets as much praise as Goon Squad has, it deserves some of it. Guess I’ll know for sure as soon as I get around to actually reading it…

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