Book Review: Four Men Living the Revolution : An Oral History of Contemporary Cuba – Oscar Lewis

fourFor the first few hundreds pages of this book, I was completely in love. Having read dozens of books on Cuban history, this seemed to be the perfect book for my taste. Very detailed, very comprehensive stories from people who’d lived through the revolution first hand. However, as it went on, I began to have some issues.

Four Men Living the Revolution: An Oral History of Contemporary Cuba is taken from thousands of pages of transcripts. Each of the four sections follows the life of one man, from birth through their experience in Castro’s Cuba. While it was chock full of exactly the kind of day to day details I find so fascinating, I also felt that it focused on basically one viewpoint. The men interviewed has remarkably similar backgrounds and opinions on the revolution. While some were definitely more supportive of the revolution than others, all of them had basically the same thing to say. I did really enjoy this book but by the fourth retelling of essentially the same story, I found myself wishing they’d covered another viewpoint.

Current reading: The Third Miracle: An Ordinary Man, a Medical Mystery, and a Trial of Faith – Bill Briggs & Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All – Allan Gurganus

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