Book Review: Stardust – Alane Ferguson

starA year or so ago I was reading one book blog or another and I came across someone asking if anyone had heard of a book they remembered from their childhood. I don’t remember the specific description but something about it intrigued me, and when the book was identified as Stardust by Alane Ferguson, I ordered it.

Having read it… I am really curious to know what they said that interested me. This was your basic Young Adult novel written in the early ’90s. Nothing particularly special about it.

Basically, a child actress who’s worked on the same TV show since she was 2 years old gets fired for being too ‘old’ at the ripe old age of 11. Her family moves from the glamour of LA to a small town in the Midwest. The actress goes to school for the first time in her life and is forced to interact with people her own age.

Of course, she immediately makes friends with the ‘cool’ kids and when they tell her not to hang out with the two brainy/nerdy kids she actually likes, she complies. Of course, she eventually realizes who her ‘real’ friends are and of course the ‘cool’ kids then accept said ‘real’ friends and everyone is happy.

Just once, I’d like to see the protagonist in a story like this tell the ‘cool’ kids to get lost from the beginning.

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